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Month: July 2017

On This Week – 31st July 2017

31st –  Ramón Fonst Cuban fencer was born today in 1883.  Although born in Cuba, he spent most of his youth in France, where he received his fencing education, and aged just 16 years he entered the 1900 Olympics Men’s épée event. He was up against another 101 fencers from 10 other countries, in his first-round group he came out top against the five fencers from France, so advanced into the next round, where he only managed to finish third but was still good enough to advance to the semi-finals and again he would finish third in the group...

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Lizzie Beckwith – The Forgotten Sister – Part 1

The name Beckwith is integral to the story of swimming in the 19th century and that of Agnes Beckwith, central to any discussion regarding the history and development of women’s participation in the sport. Less well-known is that of Lizzie Beckwith, half-sister to Agnes, whose short and comparatively sad life-story, illustrates the intersection between sport and entertainment that was a feature of female natationists in this period. Born Elizabeth Agnes on 28th August 1878 to “Professor” Fred Beckwith and his second wife Elizabeth Ainley Burgess Osland, Lizzie first performed at the age of three in January 1885. The press...

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Stockport’s Strawberry Recording Studios

Stockport’s Strawberry Recording Studios   The Strawberry Recording Studios logo  2017 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Strawberry Recording Studios in Stockport.  As the first major professional recording studios in the UK outside London, they would play an important role in the history of music, locally, nationally and internationally. The exterior of Strawberry Studios (circa 1984)  When I was a child growing up near Stockport, Strawberry was at the height of its fame and influence.  My Grandparents lived around the corner and we would be in awe of the Strawberry mystique when my Dad’s car had to...

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On this Week – 24th July 2017

24th  – Fred Tate, English cricketer, who played in one Test in 1902, was born today in 1867. His single Test was the famous match at Old Trafford which England lost by 3 runs, and with it the series. Tate had the misfortune to drop a crucial swerving lofted pull off the left-handed Australian captain, Joe Darling, the bowler being the leg-spinner Len Braund. England lost their ninth wicket in their second innings with eight wanted for victory. Tate joined Wilfred Rhodes and edged his first ball for four, but the fourth ball he received from Saunders bowled him....

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All a Load of Pants? Posing Trunks in Male Bodybuilding Part Two

Having discussed the precursors to bodybuilding trunks in part one of this series, this post will now delve in to the sport of bodybuilding outright. Beginning with the competitions of the early 1900s, it tracks the evolution of the posing trunks right up to the current day. A story of muscle, extreme dieting and of course, anabolic steroids. Bodybuilding as Competition Though private bodybuilding shows had been held in England, France and further afield in the early 1890s, it was not until the dawn of the twentieth century that the bodybuilding or physical culture competition as a public spectacle...

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