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Author: John Daniels

Searching for Football Stadiums in Budapest (2016)

I spent a few days in Budapest with my wife and daughter, a terrific city to visit. While they were on a specific sightseeing trip to a historic building I took the opportunity to ask the hotel reception chap where was the nearest football ground, it did not matter what standard just wanted to pay homage to football as I have never been there before. He directed me to the National Stadium; I decided to walk so that I could see as much of the city as I could. It was pretty much on the outskirts of town and...

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Some items from the collection of John Daniels – hoarder extraordinaire

It has been very flattering to have been asked to contribute to the Playing Pasts project and hope that I will be able to contribute occasional pieces from time to time. Making the point at the outset that I am not an historian more a hoarder having collected football memorabilia obsessively for much of my life. The items that are written about will be historical but mainly backed up by illustrations more than historical text.  Having started to put pen to paper (or more like fingers to keyboard) when I realised that I was at the ‘’extra time’’ part...

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