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Author: Jurryt van de Vooren

The Secrets of the First Olympic Torch Relay

Constantin Kondylis carried the first Olympic torch in history……………….. It would save his life…. The Greek village of Olympia is world-famous because of the Olympic Games, which were organised by the ancient Greeks. Every two years, in the run-up to the Summer and Winter Games, the Olympic flame is lit in Olympia. It is one of the most famous symbols in the world and fascinates everyone involved. The sacred flame is carried to the Temple of Zeus   In the village of Olympia this fascination has now faded. Many of its men have been selected for the torch relay,...

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The first football match without offside

The first experimental match without the offside rule was played over 50 years ago. The debate about the offside law in football has been given a new lease of life thanks in part to Marco van Basten. It has resulted in a number of matches trialling the absence of offside, just to see what would happen. Yet they are just the grandchildren of an experimental match played well over 60 years ago. In 1956 Belgrade rivals Partizan and Crvena Zvezda played a match in which no offside was applied. In fact, the organisers went beyond that, as an article...

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What happened to the Soviet Olympic Committee?

Twelve of the fifteen national republics established their own Olympic Committees well before the official end of the Soviet Union. On 25 December 1991, the Soviet Union ceased to exist. The hammer-and-sickle flag flying over the Kremlin was lowered and the new flag of the Russian Federation was raised. The largest country in the world fell apart along the borders of the fifteen existing national republics, which declared independence. Soviet Union Flag Russian Federation Flag   With the collapse of the USSR, there was no longer any need for the Soviet Olympic Committee, which was duly disbanded on 12...

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