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Author: Margaret Roberts

Running under the Roof: A Century of Indoor Athletics in England

The Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) first muted the idea of an indoor athletics competition in December of 1934.  Stimulated by the successful events that had been held in American for many years, the AAA were keen to get this latest venture off the ground as they considered it a means to increase public interest in the sport. The date and venue, the Empire Pool at the Wembley Sports Arena on April 6th 1935 was agreed upon, with the Women’s Amateur Athletic Association also invited to take part.  Of course this would not be the first time that athletes competed...

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On This week 14th August

14th– American tennis player Frederick Alexander was born in 1880.  He won the singles title at the 1908 Australasian Championships and six double titles at Grand Slam events. In 1908 the right-handed Alexander became the first foreigner to win the singles title at the Australasian/Australian Championships, the amateur precursor to the Australian Open. He then teamed with the man he defeated in the final, Alfred Dunlop, to win the doubles. Billiards and snooker player Fred Davis was born in 1913. The younger brother of the famous Joe Davis, Fred came into his own after Joe’s retirement. He was the...

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On this Week 7th August

7th-Today in 1711 Queen Anne attended the Ascot race meeting, thus earning it the prefix ‘Royal’. The modern-day meeting, held every June, hosts some of the best-known races in the turf calendar, including the Gold Cup and the Royal Hunt Cup. Swedish figure skater Ulrich Salchow was born on this day in 1877. Salchow won the World Figure Skating Championships ten times, from 1901 to 1905, and from 1907 to 1911. This is still a record, which he shares with Sonja Henie who also won 10 titles in the 1920s and 1930s, and with Irina Rodnina who won 10...

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Lizzie Beckwith – The Forgotten Sister – Part 2

While Part 1 of this paper used documentary evidence gleaned from official records, newspaper reports and family documents, Part 2, though employing American federal records and newspaper accounts (as well as British records) also involves a certain degree of supposition as the documentation is sketchy or contradictory. To further muddy the waters official certification in the USA did not become common practice, or even mandatory, in some of the States concerned until years after Lizzie’s demise. A study of the newspaper articles and advertisements that informed the public of the various engagements that Lizzie and Agnes undertook highlight the...

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On This Week – 31st July 2017

31st –  Ramón Fonst Cuban fencer was born today in 1883.  Although born in Cuba, he spent most of his youth in France, where he received his fencing education, and aged just 16 years he entered the 1900 Olympics Men’s épée event. He was up against another 101 fencers from 10 other countries, in his first-round group he came out top against the five fencers from France, so advanced into the next round, where he only managed to finish third but was still good enough to advance to the semi-finals and again he would finish third in the group...

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