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The Story of White Hall Centre: Outdoor Education across the Decades by Pete McDonald

The Story of White Hall Centre: Outdoor Education across the Decades. By Pete McDonald.​ Synopsis – White Hall Centre for Open Country Pursuits, near Buxton, was set up in 1950 by Jack Longland, Derbyshire’s director of education. It welcomed its first visitors in December that year. The Story of White Hall Centre describes White Hall’s origins and its first sixtyseven years. Since 1950, writers on outdoor education have often mentioned the pioneering roles of Longland and White Hall in the history of the sector. But the brevity of most of these mentions has rendered them unavoidably superficial and reductive. At...

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The Ascent of John Tyndall – Victorian Scientist, Mountaineer, and Public Intellectual by Roland Jackson

The Ascent of John Tyndall Victorian Scientist, Mountaineer, and Public Intellectual by Roland Jackson Synopsis –  Rising from a humble background in rural southern Ireland, John Tyndall became one of the foremost physicists, communicators of science, and polemicists in mid-Victorian Britain. In science, he is known for his important work in meteorology, climate science, magnetism, acoustics, and bacteriology. His discoveries include the physical basis of the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere (the basis of the greenhouse effect), and establishing why the sky is blue. But he was also a leading communicator of science, drawing great crowds to his lectures...

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Methodology in Sports History

Methodology in Sports History Edited by Wray Vamplew and Dave Day The process of converting the ‘past’ into ‘history’ involves an engagement with a multitude of different sources and methods, and sports historians inevitably participate in the same debates over approaches and methodologies as their counterparts in other historical disciplines. At its heart, history remains a genre of empirical knowledge that is based upon the remains of the past, and without suitable evidence, there can be no sports history.    A burgeoning range of sources has stimulated new ways of thinking and a significant expansion in the sports historian’s evidentiary...

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Early Dutch football youngsters at English boarding schools

This article has been contributed by the following authors: Jan Luitzen Wim Zonneveld Some protagonists of early Dutch football attended boarding schools in the UK in their teens. As part of ongoing research, we here describe this bit of Dutch sports history and would be delighted to obtain further details on these schools, their students, their staff and the availability of relevant archives and files. 1878-1888 is the era in which football was introduced into Dutch sports. Up until then cricket was the main field sport increasingly undergoing ‘sportification’, with its own association, rule standardization, regular club, county and international meetings,...

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The adventures of a comic motorsports hero as an approach to understand recent French history

This article has been contributed by the following authors: Sébastien Laffage-Cosnier Christian Vivier Noemi García-Arjona The French comic motorsports driver Michel Vaillant, created by Jean Graton, first appeared in 1957 in the weekly Tintin. Young French boys that loved sports adventure and cars racing greeted this publication with great enthusiasm. We studied the first series of Michel Vaillant, composed of 16 comic books produced in the 1960s, from No. 1, The Great Challenge (1959), to No. 16, Km 357, released in 1969. By revisiting traditional approaches of analysis of sport history, our method is based on the sources analysis of...

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