From the Editor.

If you are reading Playing Pasts, maybe for the first time, then you probably already have an interest in one or more aspects of sport and leisure history, whether this be as an academic or as someone with a general curiosity about the field. Either way, I hope you will find the approach taken here to your liking. Although there are a number of academic journals dedicated to the area, Playing Pasts is different in that it aims to present historical material related to sport and leisure in a widely readable and accessible format. The magazine is presented solely as an online publication and, while many of the main articles are based on rigorous and traditional scholarly research, the material has been presented in shortened form and accompanied by numerous illustrations to allow the reader to explore and engage with a range of different ideas and research. The magazine is also different from other publications in that it is not divided into discrete issues but material is added on a fortnightly basis so there is always something fresh and new while existing material is archived for easy reader access.

Contributions are welcome from anyone who feels they have something they would like to share about the history of sport and leisure, which is interpreted as widely as possible in this context, whether that be circuses or pantomime, fell walking or climbing, unusual or traditional sports, or anything else you have a passion about. Playing Pasts would also like to hear about forthcoming events and publications as well as any training or educational courses that readers might find interesting. Just send your copy to and we will do the rest.