A Noble Winter’s Game:

The early years of association football in Yorkshire’s

by Rob Grillo


Association football is the most widely played sport in the world.  It is the most newsworthy, the most talked about, and creates a vast amount of money as well as excitement, controversy and debate on a daily basis. And yet,  it took West Yorkshire a little longer to take to the sport than most other regions of the UK.

‘A Noble Winter’s Game’ takes a look at the early growth of the association game in God’s Own County. From traditional folk ‘foot-ball’ to the onset of hostilities in World War One, the struggle to establish itself in a rugby stronghold and the ultimate success of the likes of Bradford City, Huddersfield Town, Leeds City and Bradford Park Avenue in achieving Football League Status.  This book also covers the lesser known teams that didn’t quite make it, as well as league and cup details from each of the district associations within West Yorkshire.

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