The latest in MMU’s Sport & Leisure History Research Team [SpLeisH] collection

‘Sporting Cultures: Global Perspectives’

edited by Nick Piercey and Samantha-Jayne Oldfield 


The chapters in this book arose from the 4th International Colloquium for Sport History held at Manchester Metropolitan University, Crewe, in spring 2018. This collection brings together experienced academics, early career researchers and doctoral students, from across the globe, who represent the diversity of contemporary sport history research and provide a range of new perspectives that demonstrate the vitality and importance of this field of study. The chapters provide new research on the intersections between issues of class, gender, race, politics, space and identities with room for reflection on the role of the historian and their subjects.


To celebrate the our time in Cheshire, we have a limited number of colour volumes on a first-come basis

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  • Rob Hess ~ ‘On the Field with the Coyness of Debutantes’: Uncovering the Hidden History of Female Footballers
  • Marjet Derks ~ Competition, Sportification and Dutch Decency: Sport Ambiguities in the Netherlands in the Long Twentieth Century
  • Iain Adams ~  ‘Ghosts are Much of What Makes a Space a Place’: Interpreting the Relics of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Village through Art
  • Kamil Potrzuski ~The Unfinished ‘Amusement and Sports Park’ Project in Warsaw from 1921 – the First Vision for an Olympic District in the Capital City of the Second Polish Republic?
  • Ray PhysickCatalonia July 1936 – May 1937: The Impact of the Spanish Civil War on Sport
  • Dejan Zec ~  ‘White Eagles’, ‘Proud Albion’ and Spicy Garlic Food – The English National Football Team’s Visit to Yugoslavia in May 1939
  • Liam Dyer  ~ Athletics in the Late Nineteenth Century and the Conflict between the North and the South
  • Derek Martin ~ A Short History of the Barclay Match: Long-Distance Pedestrianism in the Nineteenth Century
  • Lisa Taylor ~  Mrs K. L. Summerton: The Forgotten Founder of the Women’s Amateur Rowing Association?
  • Keith Myerscough ~ Separate but Equal: Black Fives Women’s Basketball
  • Conor Heffernan ~ A Different Breed? Animal History for the Sporting Historian