This book explores the historical development of coaching traditions across Europe, placing national approaches to coaching within their cultural and political context.

Sports coaching is a social practice that has been shaped by its cultural context, resulting in different countries being characterized by different coaching traditions. By helping us to understand the history of coaching across Europe, this book allows us to better understand both the history of sport and the cultural and social history of Western European nations. Drawing on cutting-edge historical research by international scholars, the book presents studies of coaching cultures in France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom. It explores how sporting histories, cultural attitudes, and social contexts resulted in distinctive coaching heritages, which were further shaped through coach migration and the adoption of elements of other countries’ coaching structures. This book explores these phenomena to provide critical evidence of the historical impact of culture on the development of sports coaching.

The book offers insight into the characteristics of European coaching traditions. It will be fascinating reading for academics in sports history, sports and coaching studies, gender studies, and transnational studies, as well as those with an interest in British or European history and social and cultural history.


Table of Contents


Dave Day

Chapter 1. Intangible Cultural Heritages: British Sports Coaching and Amateurism.
Dave Day

Chapter 2. Building the New Man: Transnational Training and Trainers in the Netherlands before the First World War.
Nick Piercey

Chapter 3. ‘Science Says’: Swedish Sports Coaching and Science During the Twentieth Century.
Daniel Svensson and Robert Svensson

Chapter 4. Gender Equity and Sports Coaching in Norway: Political Discourses and Developmental Trajectories from 1970 to 2020.
Anne Tjønndal

Chapter 5. Women’s Work: Gender and the Coaching Profession in British Rowing.
Lisa Taylor

Chapter 6. Sports Coaching in France: Between an Eclectic Context and Foreign Influences (1852-1970). Part I: Sports Coaching: An Unknown Notion in an Eclectic Sporting Context (1852-1945).
Jean-François Loudcher, Julien Krier and Eric Claverie

Chapter 7. Sports Coaching in France: Between an Eclectic Context and Foreign Influences (1820-1970). Part II: From Foreign Influences to the Invention of a French Coaching Method (1940-1970).
Serge Vaucelle

Chapter 8. The Influence of Foreign Coaches on the Development of Italian Sport.
Gherardo Bonini, Sergio Giuntini and Nicola Sbetti

Chapter 9. The Development of the Spanish Coach: Franco’s Dictatorship to Democracy (1939-1992).
Carlos García-Martí and Juan Antonio Simón


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