A History of Sports Coaching in Britain
Overcoming amateurism
By Dr Dave Day and Dr Tegan Carpenter

Update: Now available in paperback (see below).

A History of Sports Coaching in Britain is the first book to attempt to examine the history of British Sports coaching, from its amateur roots in the deep nineteenth-century to the high performance, high status professional coaching cultures of today.

This is a title that draws on original primary source material, including the lost coaching lives of key individuals in British coaching, to trace the development in coaching in Britain. It assesses the continuing impact of the nineteenth-century amateur ethos throughout the twentieth century, and includes important comparisons with developments in international coaching, particularly in North America and the Easton Bloc.

It also explores the politicisation of sport and the complicated interplay between politics and coaching practice, and illuminates the origins of the structures, organisations and philosophies that surround performance sport in Britain today.

The book is fascinating reading for anybody with an interest in the history of sport, sports coaching, sports development, or the relationships between sport and wider society.

Published by Routledge

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Now available in paperback – more information here.