Dope Hunters
Jörg Krieger

Based on extensive multi-national and multi-lingual archival research, this book examines the
evolution of scientific knowledge within the international anti-doping community that coalesced during
the second half of the twentieth century. Two key figures from a group of leading scientific experts serve
as the focal points of the investigation, British pharmacologist Arnold Beckett and German biochemist
Manfred Donike. After supporting early anti-doping initiatives in the late 1960s and 1970s, they
became highly influential in such leading sports organizations as the International Olympic Committee
and the International Association of Athletics Federations. From the 1980s onward, the international
sport system relied heavily on their network of anti-doping laboratory experts in maintaining and
advancing a rigid testing regime. Hence, this book offers a nuanced analysis of the establishment of the
structures and initiatives in the global fight against doping in sport.

Author Bio:

Dr. Jörg Krieger is lecturer at the Institute of Sport History and Olympic Studies Centre of the
German Sport University Cologne. He is the coordinator of the Physical Education Degrees and
the Master of Arts Olympic Studies. He has a Master of Arts in International Sport Policy from the
University of Brighton and a Master of Arts in Olympic Studies from the German Sport University
Cologne. His other main fields of research are the history of the International Association of Athletics
Federations and the Youth Olympic Games.

394 Pages

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