Below are 7 snippets from the various films that I have which show Foden Ladies at play, both on the pitch and off.

Once I can arrange an evening where I can show the films to ex-players and their family and friends, please have a quick look at these and see if you recognise anyone.  If you do then please contact me – Margaret Roberts on, or leave a comment on this post.

Please note that these cine films are at the moment copyright of ‘Playing Pasts’ and therefore cannot be copied or shared without my express permission.


Correction to the narrative on this clip, it is not Anne Latham that is shown in the crowd but supporter of the team – June Partington.  Who else do you recognize?  


Any clue as to the venue or team that Foden’s were playing here and again names of any players? 


Footage from the Bilston Carnival, with Harry Latham and his wife Lucy, a stalwart of the team management from the mid 1970s onwards and I’m sure many players will remember her. Harry and Lucy were neighbours of mine in Elworth from some 25 years  before they both sadly passed away. 


More footage of Lucy 


Again, any ideas on venue, opposition and players. Eric Aldersay refereeing? 


Footage from a game, with subs and followers watching. Recognise places or faces anyone? 


A training session or pre-match warm-up at Welles Street, Sandbach. Either way notice that some players are smoking, a true sign of the times! 


Please contact me with any information you may have on the above short clips, which have been digitised from a series of original films

Foden Ladies Footage © of Playing Pasts